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About us

Nozem is all about telling stories with style. Our philosophy influences our storytelling and our working method. We shoot with a strong dedication towards the visual image, while never losing sight of the story. After all, a pretty picture means nothing without a powerful message.
Years of experience in television production taught us the foundations of storytelling.
This, combined with our more visually driven work in branded content, gives us a wide range of styles to work with.



We are a creative production company that specializes in documentaries, television productions and branded content. Our in-house directors are of all trades: directing, filming and editing. Our team is devoted to a project from the concept’s first draft to its final version.


Brands we worked with

bnnvara / vpro / the avocado show / dgtl / van gogh museum / id&t / jagermeister / university of amsterdam / warner brothers / wildeburg / yaya / het scheepvaartmuseum